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Ship yard position (Details)

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 Offer Information & Short Description

Company name:

 Grani Ltd



Company activity:

 Shipbuilding & Repairing



Short Description:

 shipbuilding, shidesign

 Details & Description     

Odessa Ukraine Grani Ltd (Shipbuilding)

Grani Ltd, is pleased to present our latest extremally inexpensive fishing boat
design "SteelFish1360", suitable for trawl and long-line fishing in offshore
zone of seas and ocean, assistance work with the nets, other types of catching
and transportation.
Fishing Boat is a single- decker with deck ledge bow situated wheelhouse, ME
towards midship and astern working deck and stern container (freight fish hold)
for cargo, capacity 7, 5 cub. m.., displaced to the wheelhouse. The Fishing
boat is supplied as a platform for installation of different kind of fishing
equipment. Depending on type of equipment the boat could destine for:
- Trawler.
- Seine.
- Liner.
- Traps.
- Combination of Pleasure and Fishing.
Region and operation conditions - R3 in accordance with classification DNV.

Regulations and building norms.
A Fishing Boat SteelFish1360 Grani-project is projected in accordance with
classification Regulations and Rules for newbuilding of small vessels of DNV
under supervision of Russian or Ukrainian register of shipping.
Main measurements and stores:
Length LOA, m14,00
Length between perpendicular, m13,15
Width max, m5,00
Air draught on middle, m2
Draught, m1,2
Displacement, t35
Carrying capacity, t (not less)5t /7, 5 cub. m
Crew, men2
Endurance by fuel, hour (not less) 192
Operational speed (not less): 9, 0 +/- 0, 3 knot.
A boat hull is full welded, skeleton system -transversal. Adopted shipbuilding
carbonaceous steel with yeild limit 235 MPa. Steel thickness for main hull ? 7
mm. ME installation place is done necessary reinforced and equipped with
impermeable bulkheads for collection black/gray waters. Hull protection from
corrosion. For protection from corrosion of submarine part of hull foreseen the
protection defense in combination with protection paints coverage.
Power Installation.
Power installation disposes in middle part of boat and compose ME (main
engine), driving a fixed-pitch propeller- screw and auxiliary systems. Control
of ME is performed by the remote system from wheelhouse. ME is remotely
controlled on and monitored by automatic instruments including automatic start ? stop of the engine and its rotation speed and direction. ME - YD50775/1 PERKINS
SABRE M215C - 6 cylinder heat exchanger cooled turbocharged and intercooled
marine propulsion engine capable of developing 215 hp @ 2500 rpm Frantsuzskiy, 52, Odessa, Ukraine

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