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About us

 Young Sun trading was established in 1994 just after the company manager came back to his hometown from New York. The company is engaging in trading business for ship related items since 1994. The manager finished MBA and CPA joint program in New York and worked a CPA firm in Manhattan in New York.

 The Korea international aviation institute is a leading educational institute for aviation and aircraft maintenance which was established in 1986. The president has worked in the aviation industry for over 25 years after he graduated from the well-known "Korea Aviation University". He served as an officer in the Korea Air Force, specializing in fast jet operations.

  Young Sun Trading co and Korea international aviation institute cooperated together and established Soft link Tec Co.  Softlink Tec Co. is engaging in developing Internet link technologies for world wide business information network. Softlink Tec is also participating in ship broking business(Young Sun Trading Co. Ltd.,) and aircraft dealer business (Korea international aviation institute) and  with prestigious related companies. The goal of Softlink Tec is to help related people to get desirable information conveniently. We will try to do our best to meet our members' needs and provide more confidential information. We also try to make our sites easy and soft step by step. For realizing your need, we will continuously develop new technologies for more realistic information with 3D, VRML and so on. We hope that this site would help you and your business. We wish we would get your advice.

Thank you.

History in brief

1994 : Establishment of Young Sun Trading Co. Ltd.,
1995 : Business partnership with Korea international aviation institute
1997 : Establishment of Soft link Tec ( Internet technology )
1998 : Open ( )
2000 : Open ( )
2005 : Establishment of
Asia Shipping Union

Seoul office - Department
(Twin Tower) #A-417, 25, Mabang-ro 10-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel. : +82-2-567-1060, +82-10-3828-4257
Fax. :+82-2-6455-4257
E-mail :  

Busan office - Department
(Songdo Tower) #1902, 33, Songdohaebyeon-ro, Seo-gu, Busan,, Korea
Tel. : +82-10-3100-1193, +82-10-3828-4257
Fax. :+82-2-6455-4257
E-mail :   

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