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Cargo list (Details)

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 Offer Information & Short Description

Posted Date:


Load or Dly area:

 Asia/Bay of Bengal

Cargo Type & T/C:

 General Cargo(Dry)

Load or Dly port:


Lycan start date:


Discharge or Redly area:


Laycan end:


Discharge or Redly port:

 Kota Kinabalu


 3- 4,000 Tons

Short Description:

 3-4,000mt Bagged rice

 Brief details

Below three shipment, one shipment to each destination per month.

3-4,000 mt Bagged rice.( one shipment per month to each destination) Load P
Port/Rate: Yangon /1000 mt PWWD SHINC.
Discharge port/Rate: Kota Kinabalu/Tawau/Sandakan /1000 mt PWWD SHINC
Laycan: every month one shipment to each destination.
Adcom 2.5% + 1.25% Crest Ocean

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