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Ship for purchase (Details)

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 P/E small cruise

 Brief details

LOA: 45-55 Meters 
Beam: 9-12 Meters
Draft: within 2 Meters
Air Draft: within 9 Meters.
Speed: 5-8 knots. Not looking for high speed vessel.
Age: Within 5 years preferably. Open for upto 10 years max.
Class: IRS Preferably or any other class. Not interested in non class vessels. 
Number of Deck: 3 Two Closed Deck and One Semi Closed or open Deck.
Hull Structure: Steel or Aluminum.
Passenger Capacity: 400-500 with Seating Capacity of 350-400 Passengers at 
Purpose: Day Cruise/Entertainment/Dinner Cruise.
Cabins: 3-4 for Crew and Captains, 3-4 Changing Rooms, 3-4 Rest Rooms for 
Toilets: 8-10 in all.

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