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Other ship business (Details)

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 Ship parts & equipment


 Genset SKL 8VD 26/20 AL-2 Complete Engine

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 Location: Europe 
In stock.

Test Certificate: DDR-Schiffs-Revision und -Klassifikation

Type: 8 VDS 26/20AL-2
Design: Linksmaschine
Manufacturer: VEB Schwermaschinenbau “Karl Liebknecht? Magdeburg ?Kombinat fur 
Dieselmotoren u. Industrieanlagen -
Orderer No. : 612949/647
Year of make: 1989
Number of cylinders: 8
Diameter of cylinders: 200 mm
Piston stroke: 260mm
Direction of rotation: Right
Power: 839 kW
Fuel: Diesel
Test Certificate No. : 20253010-330-89-3184

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