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Other ship business (Details)

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 Ship supply



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 Length over all                65.6m
Length of water line            64.2m
Length between perpendiculars   63m
Breadth, moulded              11.5m
Depth, moulded                4.8m
Designed draft                 3.3m
Deadweight                   abt.1620t
Gross Tonnage                 abt.1052
Net Tonnage                   abt.397
Complement                   10p

Upper deck to forecastle deck      2.1m
Upper deck to captain deck        2.6m
Captain deck to Nav. Bridge deck   2.5m
Nav. Bridge deck to compass deck   2.3m
Upper deck/forecastle deck         0.25m
Captain deck                    0.15m
Compass deck                   0.15m
The tankerĄ¯s deadweight at summer load line(d=3.3m) in sea water (1.025t/m3) 
to be
about 1,620t.
The deadweight contains weight of cargo, diesel oil, lubrication oil, fresh 
water, food,
crews, luggage and spare.
The vesselĄ¯s deadweight is to be the difference value between the displacement 
at the
summer load line in sea water (1.025t/m
) and the lightship weight.
When determine the lightship weight, draft data shall be read from marks at 
bow, midship
and stern, both portside and starboard.
When determine the lightship weight, correction of initial heeling angle flat 
keel thickness,
trim, and water density should be done according to BuilderĄ¯s practice.
When determine the lightship weight, excess weight and absent weight should be 
to as less as possible.
Lightship weight contains hull, machinery and electric equipments weight, 
including all
the equipments and outfitting required by the rules and this specifications, 
main engine,
auxiliary engine, boilers and oil and water in pipes connecting to them, 
Spares exceeding the requirement of RULES;
Equipment, apparatus and stores supplied by the ship owner;
Food and other spares which are not necessary according to the rules and 
Crews and their luggage;
Oil and water in tanks and pipes
The deadweight is to be expressed in metric tons unit. Deadweight of the tanker 
should be
decided based on the actual lightship weight after the tests. The shipyard 
ought to do
inclining tests in the dock or dead water region approved by RINA and work out 
the report
to get the accurate lightship weight. Correction of the calculated data should 
be agreed by
the represents of ship owner.

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