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Other ship business (Details)

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 Seeking Joint Partnership/Agent

 Details & Description      

 Atlantic Marine Services Ltd registered in Nigeria 1998 (RC:33814) is Seeking
Partnership from barge/vessel owners, or operators, or brokers or private &
Companies investors worldwide, who are interested to work with us, for the sake
of Cabotage rules in Nigeria! And to have shares equity & Directorship status in
our company(optional if you desire).

We need barges/Vessels to work with big multi-national companies, STS
operations, Coastal trading, and it is our professional duty to fix them locally
and internationally. FYG; =PAYMENT: Every invoice & Chartererís payment (in US
Dollar) is to be made directly to our Partnership setup account OVERSEA- for the
benefit of both venture partnership.== And this is the fundamental to the
partnership agreement, for transparency and accountability to offset the

(A) Tanker Vessels of 500- 170,000 DWT
(B) Service Boats: like tugboat, crew boat, supply boat, anchor handling tug etc 
(C) Self propelled tanker-barges of 500 ?10,000 mton (wet cargo or dry cargo).
Products mostly loaded are AGO, DPK, PMS, ATK, LPFO, HPFO, CRUDE OIL, either
from the Operational base/platform to mother vessel/storage, or refinery to
storage or refinery to mother vessel or mother vessel to storage or STS from
outside bar to inland depot Tank farms.

If you have old barges/vessels that cannot operate in Europe, USA, Asia etc,
bring them to us; let us have a Partnership with you for there are plenty of
jobs for the barges/vessels. Guarantee! Contact us:
Please FYG! Every hire, and freight income/revenue procuring from the use of
this vessel in the carriage of any Petroleum Oil Products for our customers,
will be USA or overseas account invoiced. In addition, our customers/Chartererís
payment is pay directly into this USA or overseas Bank Account established for
such a purpose and for the benefit of the Partnership. This is the fundamental
and imperative to the investment/partnership agreement, for transparency and
accountability to offset the capital money invested.
Thus, If $3-5 Millions Dollars is invested to purchase a reasonable tanker
vessel. This will re- pay ( the invested money ) itself back within 3 years in
operation/trading West Africa, South West of Africa and Nigeria Coastal trading.
In-addition the company still retaining the monetary value assets in the
vessel.Please contact us if you are interested.

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