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Other ship business (Details)

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 Crew wanted


 Crew wanted

 Details & Description      

 For a private yacht.
You can see below our research:

Captain  (with a good knowledge in enginering)
Ref.: 5 years with references verifiable
License: Any licence up to 200T
Period: Annual full time job.
Starting job : 15 March 2010
Salary: Market price according to the qualification and the experiment.
Paid leave: 1 month annual

Description of the ship :
MY/Geisha is a long liner in steel converted in private yacht in Singapore 5 
years ago.
The Gross Tonnage  258 T
Net Tonnage 68T
Length ; 32 m
Width ; 7m
Deep : 3m
Engine : Single engine Cummins 600 H

Mission : To ensure the responsibility for the prevention of maintenance, 
safety, navigation and administration.
Country : The boat is currently in Philippines and going to Hong Kong in March.
2010-HK; 2011-Japan
Could you tell us if you are interested by this job and how much is your 
salary ?
Please send us your CV and references

Best regards

Tel: 	International call: +33 60853 5961
Fax: 	International call: +33 13429 4885  
Mobile: International call: +63 9199 776 632

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