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Other ship business (Details)

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 Ship parts & equipment


 twin screw pump

 Details & Description      

 The product is a kind of middle and large double suction double screw pump with 
two construction forms i. E. With inbuilt bearing or bearing, and with two 
outfit types i. E. With or without heating chamer and safety valve. The bearing 
bore and pump bore of external bearing type are separated by mechanical seal 
and skeleton oil seal. Type and of good seal tightness. The product possesses 
large flux. Good at self-priming, low noise and long service life. 

Tecnical Data: 

Capacity: Up to 2500m³/h
Differential Pressure: Up to 6.0Mpa
Viscosity: 0~200,000 cSt
Speed: Up to 3600 rpm
Temperature: Up to 300 degrees Celsius


Oil industry: Transfer pump for various lubricating oil, crude oil, residual 
oil, heavy oil, pitch, diesel oil, gasoline etc. 

Ship building: Transfer pump for various light or heavy fuel oil, waster oil, 
dirty oil and sludge, oily sludge in cabin bottom, also as pressure boost pump 
and ballast pump. 

Chemical industry: Transfer various acid, alkali and salt solution, resin, 
glycerine paraffin wax, and cosmetics emulsion, as well as bottle filling pump. 
Paint industry: Deliver printing ink, pigment, various paints and coatings. 
Food industry: Deliver alcohol, beverage, honey, syrup, tooth paste, milk, 
crease, soy sauce, animal oil, vegetable oil, chocolate and other medium 
liquids with high viscosity. 

Storage&Transportation: Loading and unloading oil goods for oil pool and tanker.

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