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Orders for shipbuild/repair (Details)

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 Offer Information & Short Description

Posted Date:



 5,000 DWT

Vessel Type:




Type of order:




Short Description:

 Preferable pure tanker but IMO II and III are not excluded.

 Details & Description

I am looking for a small tanker to purchase with the following particulars:
1 . Type                           Tanker
2 . Size - Dwt                   Between 3,500 to 6,000 dwt
3 . Age                             New building, either
                                         a . New building contract with 
delivery 2003
                                         b . New building under construction - 
                                         c . New building abandoned by initial 
order owner
                                         d . New building near to completion - 
                                         e . New building delivered but during 
her first year of service
                                              - resale.
4 . Building area                Preferable Far East (Japan, Korea, China) but 
Black sea 
                                         yards are not excluded.
5 . Accessories                 Preferable pure tanker but IMO II and III are 
not excluded.
If you have any candidate please revert soonest possible as the case is very 

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