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Orders for shipbuild/repair (Details)

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 Offer Information & Short Description

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 32000 DWT

Vessel Type:




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Short Description:

 build bulk carrier,cargo ship and roro

 Details & Description

we can help you find 70-85 percent finance for new building ship, if you build
new ship in China.

30000dwt bulk carrier:-
Length over all: abt. 179.88 m
Length between perpendiculars: 172.0 m
Breadth (moulded): 28.8 m
Depth (moulded): 14.60 m
Design draft (moulded): 9.83 m
Scantling draft (moulded): 10.30 m
Deck height at center:
Upper deck to A deck: 3.00 m
A deck to B deck: 2.80 m
B deck to C deck: 2.80 m
C deck to D deck: 2.80 m
D deck to bridge deck: 2.80 m
Bridge deck to compass deck: 2.80 m
Upper deck to forecastle deck: 3.00 m
Upper deck (knuckle): 0.50 m
Compass deck: 0.10 m
Forecastle deck: 0.35 m
A deck: 0.15 m
Other decks: Nil
Sheer on upper deck:
At F.P.(at side): 0.50 m
At A.P.(at side): 0.23 m
On Forecastle deck. due to camber
Rise of floor: Nil
Frame space:
Fore peak: 700 mm
Aft peak: 660 mm
Engine Room: 800 mm
Cargo Area: 800 mm

if you want to build new ship, please give us your details, like specifitions,
equipment list and GA plan, our shipyard can build new roro, bulk carrier and
cargo ship as customer's requirements.

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