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Orders for shipbuild/repair (Details)

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 10 - 50 GRT

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 Details & Description

We are the leaders in Fiberglass Boat and Yacht Manufacturing in Indonesia.
We offer small 15 foot boats, to 100 foot luxury yachts.
All our products are built by full hand laid fiberglass, we do not use chopper 
guns or any other devices which may compromise strength.
Our boats and yachts are built to withstand any condition. Strength and 
performance is unparalleled, yet the quality of finish has to be seen to 
We can custom design boats and yacht to suit customers specification and 
preference. We also can do bulk orders if need be.
We build all types of Fiberglass boats from small center console fishing 
boats, to patrol and transportation boats, to pleasure yachts, and large 
luxury 5 Star yachts.
Our smaller boats with sizes 17, 19, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 35 can fit in 20' to 
40' high cube containers for ease of transportation around the world.
We are looking for dealers and distributors around the world to import our 
boats and yachts into your country.
If you need more information regarding our company and products please do not 
hesitate to contact us.

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