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Ship yard position (Details)

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Company activity:

 Shipbuilding & Repairing


 MANGALIA - Romania

Short Description:

 Shipbuiding&Repair / barges, push boat,coaster ship

 Details & Description     



Mangalia Shipyard is situated on the Black Sea Coast, South-Eastern
Europe, in an area of drought ,temperate climate so that the yard is favoured
to operate more than 300 days of the year at positive ambient temperature.

Company data

Mangalia Shipyard, established in 1956 has an important role in
military and civilian shipbuilding and repairs this being the shipyard where
the admiral ship of Romania Navy-“M?ășești?Frigate-has been built and
Our company is member of Romanian Society of Quality and associate
member of European Organism of Quality (EOQ). Its production capacities have
been certified by Military Quality Certification Organism, Accreditation and
Survey (OMCAS) according to ISO- 9002 Standard.

Activity field

Mangalia Shipyard has - as its activity field ?shipbuilding and
repairs, upgrading, marketing and service in Romania and abroad for different
types of sea going and inland water navigation vessels .

Production capacity

Production capacity of the yard is divided into two productive shops,
one design ?technological department, one auxiliary shop for in - use
machinery maintenance and repairs.

Hull fabrication shop where a large diversity of complex work can be
carried out: steel construction, ship section, naval locksmithery,plasma
cutting for steel plates of 6 to 30 mm thick and 12000 mm length; shaping of
steel plates of 3000 mm length and thicknesses of 0,5 to 12 mm, shaping of
steel angle iron and bulb profiles,automatic gas and plasma cutting, steel
plate shaping ,steel profiles ,electric ,automatic and semi-automatic gas
welding, blasting and shop-primer covering of steel plates of 12000x2800 mm and
thicknesses between 5 mm and 30 mm.

Mechanical shop with facilities for execution, assembling and operation
of systems onboard main engines and diesel generators. Here iron-casting can be
fulfilled as the existent induction ovens can assure charges of maximum 1000 kg
(pieces of 800 kg maximum weight), thermal treatments ,steel plates machining
and plastic deformation ;the usually executed pieces up to 16 m length ,the
maximum fixing diameter of 1000 mm for lathing , 3000 x 1000 mm for planing
machining, 1250 mm for borwerk machining.

Electrics & accommodation shop carrying out works of manufacture and
installing for the electric and electronic systems of the ship as well as
isolation and linings onboard, furniture, painting and /or masonry works.

Floating dock with lifting capacity of 1750 tf for ships having the
following main particulars:
. length 100 m (max) . light displacement 1750 tf
. breadth 13,5 m (max) . draft 4,5 m

Slip way with working facilities can take over for repairs ships with
the following main particulars:
length 70 m (max) . light displacement 600 tf
. breadth 14 m (max) . draft 4 m

Services and facilities
Mangalia Shipyard is able to build a large scale of sea going and
inland water navigation vessels, specialized vessels, including tankers,
container ships, fishing ships and cargo and/or passenger ships as well as ship
repairs and conversions.
Mangalia Shipyard has built different types of ships for foreign
partners, as follows:
. container ships 9 5x 11,45 x 3,70 m, 110 x 11,45 x 3,70 m

. chemical tanker 110 x 11,35 x 3,30 m

. gas tanker 84,60 x 10,50 x 3,20/5,20 m

. trawler ship 44,30 x 10,00 x7,15 m

. 3900 dwt coaster 87,70 x12,30 x7,56 m

. push tug 20,90 x10,00 x 2,80 m

Also, our shipyard has the technical and human capabilities to
implement communication integrated systems on board of military
vessels ,compatible with the NATO requirements.

All our products can be manufactured under Class survey: Lloyd
Register of Shipping, Germanischer Lloyd, Det Norske Veritas,etc. Their
certification is the proof of a good quality.

We trust the above is a strong argument to choose Mangalia Shipyard for
placing your order as any co-operation with us may be an advantageous business
for you.

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