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Cargo list (Details)

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 Offer Information & Short Description

Posted Date:


Load or Dly area:

 Mediterranean East

Cargo Type & T/C:


Load or Dly port:


Lycan start date:


Discharge or Redly area:

 Ivory Coast

Laycan end:


Discharge or Redly port:

 Ivory Coast


 30-35.000 Tons

Short Description:

 granulated blast furnace slag in bulk,

 Brief details

Approx 30-35.000 mtons of granulated blast furnace slag in bulk, Stowage Factor 
0,90 (can arrange qntty, try bss vessel intake) Laycan 15 Feb and onward (try 
vessel dates) Iskenderun, Turkey - Port Autonome d’Abidjan, Ivory Coast (where 
max arrival draft 9,45m fresh water, no LOA/BEAM restriction) Loa 9.00 mtons 
shinc, pwwd / disch 8.000 mtons shinc, pwwd
12 hrs tt be eiu
Cranes/grabbed preffered
1.25% adcom + 1.25% OURS

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