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Cargo list (Details)

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 Offer Information & Short Description

Posted Date:


Load or Dly area:

 Asia/Indian Ocean

Cargo Type & T/C:


Load or Dly port:

 Bedi India

Lycan start date:


Discharge or Redly area:

 Asia/South China Sea

Laycan end:


Discharge or Redly port:

 Fangcheng China


 56,000 Tons

Short Description:

 one tct to china intention bulk sulphur

 Brief details

-56-64k mt vsl 
-dely:  aps bedi.WCI
-lycan;18-22th/march 2020
-one tct to china intention  bulk sulphur
-redly:china (intention :fangcheng )
-comm:5pct ttl 

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