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Cargo list (Details)

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 Offer Information & Short Description

Posted Date:


Load or Dly area:

 South Pacific/Oceania

Cargo Type & T/C:

 Timber/Wood Product

Load or Dly port:

 kimbe and rabaul

Lycan start date:


Discharge or Redly area:


Laycan end:


Discharge or Redly port:

 1sp inchon, korea


 6,000 CBM

Short Description:

 R.log abt 6,000cbm

 Brief details

- R.log abt 6,000cbm (s.g abt 1.15 wog)
- two points each clearance port kimbe and rabaul, PNG
-1-2 sb 1sp inchon, korea.
- L/c 15 ?20 Nov 
-900cbm pwwd shex uu iuatc/cqd
-usd3,500 dhd at load port.
-frt invite ows best fios bss 1/1
-chtrs agent at bends
-2.5 pct addcom + 1.25 pct TLMARINECO

 Contact Information