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Vessel list (Details)

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Open area:

 Tagcanito, Philippines

Vessel Type:


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 0,245 DWT

Open date:

 PPT ~

Short Description:

 Tdbc Panama Flag 2 Holds/2 Hatches

 Brief details     

Mv  (10,245 DWT/2007 BLT/Cr 2X30T+Dr 1X30T) Open Tagcanito, Philippines SPOT/
Tdbc Panama Flag Built Apr 2007 Class Nk
10,245 Mt Dwt On 9.076 M Sw Draft
Loa/Beam/Depth 103.63/18.80/13.60 M
Grt/Nrt 6,9251/3,273 Grain/Bale 14,619.06/13,411.03 Cbm
2 Holds/2 Hatches
H.Cover Type : Hatch : Single Pull Type T/Deck : Steel Pontoon
Cr 30.07 T X 2 Sets, Drrck 30t X 1
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