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Ship for purchase (Details)

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 P/E 2 units PSV

 Brief details

Our close buyer to be looking for 2 units PSV:

- BUILT 2012 or Newer
- 190ft (58-59m)
- DP1, FIFI 1
- MAX DRAFT         @12ft(3.657m)    @18ft(5.486m)
  DWT                  Lship + 800T     Max Charge
  DECJ AREA         4000 Sqft        4000 Sqft 
                         (371sqm)         (371sqm)
  DECK CARGO       500T             500T
  M/E                  2 Engines        2 Engines
  SPEED               12 knots         12 kntos
  ACCOMODATION   28 or more       28 or more

Awaiting your proposals along with price ideas & spec if any direct unit for 

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