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Ship for sale (Details)

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 Portugal blt

Service Speed:

 12 knots

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Short Description:

 [DCG076] General cargo ship, SIG, GLESS, for sale

 Brief details     

 [DCG076] General cargo ship, SIG, GLESS, for sale
Flag ?Union of Comoros
Year and place of built ?1994, Portugal
Length ?100.63 m. Breadth ?16.50 m. 
Depth ?7.50 m. Draught ?6.248 m.
Mean draft in full ballast condition ?3.5 m
TPC on loaded summer draft ?14
Air draft in full ballast condition ?34.0 m
GRT/NRT ?3806/1981
DWCC ?4900 mts.
Speed ?12.0 knts
Main engine ?MAK 9M453C, 1x3300 kW (4480 bhp)
Auxiliary engines ?4
Fuel type for main/aux engines - IFO-380/GO DMA
Fuel consumption main/aux ?9/0.7 mt/day
Bunker capacity ?298 mt
HO/HA ?2/2, total volume 6803 cbm, 240248 cbft
Size of holds L x B x H (m) 
No.1: 25.6 x 13.2 x 9.0
No.2: 32.0 x 13.2 x 9.0
Container capacity ?380 TEUs
Distance from tank top to top of hatch coamings ?9.0 m
Type & number of hatch covers - 2, hydraulic
Size of hatch covers L x B (m) 
No.1: 25.6 x 13.2;
No.2: 32.0 x 13.2
Max permissible load on tank top ?12 mt
Max permissible load on hatch covers ?1.65 mt
Bow thruster 1x250 kW
Allowed  to  carry dangerous goods
Class ?1VS, GENERAL CARGO SHIP, ME,AUT, ICE 4, Venezuelan Register of 
Place of inspection ?Black sea, Med. sea
Price upon request

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